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Bray logo

Intelligent Series 6A Electro-Pneumatic Positioner with auto calibration and zero bleed

Automax logo

Apex 7000 & 8000 Analog Positioners, Logix 500SI Digital Positioner w/ Self-Calibration, and the Logix 3200IQ Digital Positioner

Westlock logo

ICOT intelligent autocal positioner with non-contact position feedback; P10 and K10 I/P positioner with self calibration

Valtek Logo.png

Logix 3200MD/3400MD, Logix 520MD+, Logix 420, StarPac 3, and XL/NT3000 Positioners along with the Valvesight Positioner Software

Worcester logo

Pulsair III Digital Loop Powered Positioner

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