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2D Drawings & 3D Models:


-CPI has the capability of creating custom 2D and 3D drawings.

-CPI has a large amount of 3D models from most of their vendors which allows for the capability of creating custom valve assemblies.


Oxygen Cleaning:

-CPI stock's and regularly cleans gate, globe, check and ball valves for use in oxygen services.

-Our oxygen cleaning procedure consists of:

1) Disassembly

2) Cleaning

3) Reassembly

4) Testing

5) and Packaging


Valve Sizing:
Leser Relief Valves-
-CPI uses Flowserve's official sizing software, called ValveStar, which is available for our customers to download.
-Leser offers comprehensive technical manuals, and an array of available certifications to compliment there robust product line.

Flowserve Control Valves-
-CPI utilizes Flowserve's official valve sizing software, called PNXT Performance.
-Flowserve Control Valves are known for their superior quality and relatively quick turnaround.

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