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Asco logo

3-way & 4-way solenoids, valve monitoring systems

bray logo

Resilient seated butterfly valves for chemical, sanitary & general applications, Teflon lined butterfly valves, standard high performance and fire safe butterflies

Burkert logo

On/off & modulating sanitary diaphragm valves, angle seat valves,

analytical valves & solenoid valves. Paddle wheel flow sensors, electromagnetic flow sensors, pressure, temperature and pH transmitters; AirLINE Process Control System

DSI logo

API 600, 602 & 603 gate, globe and check valves

Durco logo

Teflon-lined & alloy plug valve, BTV lined butterfly, high-performance butterfly, TSG severe service plug valve

Flowtek logo

3-way & 4-way ball valve, 3-piece economy and high performance ball valve, fire-safe 150# & 300# flanged ball valve

jogler logo

Liquid level gages, sight flow indicators

mccanna logo.jpg

3-piece & top entry ball valve, soft & metal seated, 150# & 300#

flanged ball valve

PBV logo

Class 150 thru Class 2500 trunnion-mounted ball valve, API 6D; 150# and300# flanged floating ball valve, API 6D

piper logo

Compact design high pressure API 6FA ball valves and check valves. Poppet 3-way diverter valves and double block and bleed valves also available.

Ritepro logo

Wafer-style swing check valves, 1" thru 72", 150# thru 1500#. Offered with custom springs, external balance weights and hydraulic cushion counterweights for special applications

SED .jpg

Custom-made metal diaphragm valves for aseptic service as well as metal and plastic diaphragm and angle seat valves for industrial applications. The product range also includes positioners, valve monitoring and control units, solenoid valves and flow meters.


Knife Gate Valves used in Slurry or powder services. Valves are either Unidirectional or Bidirectional and offered manual or automated. Wafer and Lug styles available.

Velan logo

API 600, 602 & 603 gate, globe & check valve, soft seated & metal seated top entry & flanged ball valve, triple offset butterfly, forged pressure seal valve, power ball, Y-pattern, bellows seal valves, full line of cryogenic gate, globe and check valves

VNE logo

Sanitary stainless steel fittings and valves

Worcester logo

3-piece ball valve thru 6", 150# & 300# flanged thru 10", fugitive emission, cryogenic, high purity, v-seated control valve

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